Angular & Spring 5: Creando Web App Full Stack (Angular 8+)

Frontend development with Angular 8 and Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, REST API, JPA, Spring Security OAuth2, JWT, Socket backend

What you’ll learn
  • Develop full-stack web applications with Angular (frontend) and Spring Framework 5 + JPA (backend)
  • Develop a complete CRUD application using Angular + Spring + JPA + Restful

  • Manage the components, directives, routes, pipes and services of an Angular application

  • Handles Spring Security OAuth2 and JWT (authentication and authorization based on token)
  • Develop a complete Invoice system using Angular + Spring Boot + JPA + Restful
  • Learn to implement result paging with Angular and Spring
  • Learn to implement file upload
  • Learn everything you need to work with Angular following best practices
  • Deploy (deploy) the Spring backend in the cloud with Heroku.
  • Deploy (deploy) the Angular frontend in the cloud with Google Firebase.
  • Deploy the backend in production locally with embedded Apache Tomcat.
  • Deploy the Angular frontend in production locally with Apache (httpd) and with Node JS and Express.
  • Develop a real-time Chat application with Socket and MongoDB
  • Integrate and learn to work with MongoDB in Spring
  • Knowledge in Java SE programming and Object oriented programming.
  • Basic knowledge about Spring Framework.
  • Basic knowledge about Databases and SQL.
  • It is NOT necessary to know anything about Angular or TypeScript


Welcome to the Angular 8 course  with Spring Framework 5 , you will learn line by line and from scratch how to develop single page web applications (SPA), from the most basic concepts of Angular to a complete system connected to the database through API Rest to implement a CRUD (create, read, update and delete) with table relationships, Hibernate / JPA, pagination, file upload, error handling, form validation, a complete billing system, a complete Socket Chat system and much more. You will also learn how to secure your application with Spring Security OAuth2 with JWT (JSON Web Token), deploy, among other topics.

This course is fully functional in Angular 7 and 8 , but also compatible for the previous versions of Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5 and Angular 6.

Angular is a JavaScript framework for developing single-page, SPA, asynchronous, reactive and scalable web applications, created by Google. One of the most used frameworks in the industry today to create web and mobile applications on the client / front-end side.

You will learn everything you need to know to work on the client side with Angular (front-end) and on the server side with Spring (back-end): On the Angular side we will see TypeScript, ReactiveX, Angular CLI, RX Operators, Components, Events / Hooks, Observable, Pipe, Directives, Http Interceptors, services, SockJS, Stompjs and much more. On the Spring side we will see IoC, Spring MVC, RESTful API, Validations, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, Pagination, OAuth2 with JWT, File Uploads, WebSocket, STOMP, Mongo DB and more.

We will also see in detail everything related to deployment in production (deploy), with different alternatives, locally and in cloud services (Cloud, Heroku and Google Firebase).

All course materials are in Spanish and at the end you receive a digital UDEMY diploma certifying your approval with international validity and LinkedIn.

Why choose our courses?

  • 7 x 24 access to our e-learning platform.
  • Online support with Java teacher
  • At the end you receive a digital certificate
  • We are pioneers in giving you this type of access to give you the freedom you need to study, wherever you are.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Knowledge applicable to real labor market projects.
  • Fast and satisfactory attention to doubts by the teacher.
  • Interactivity of the course as it contains forums and communication to answer questions.

If you want to be a full-stack developer with Spring Framework and advance to the next level, this course is almost mandatory, I invite you to register, see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • People studying computer science and / or engineering who are studying or have studied Java
  • People who dominate Spring and want to enter the development of full-stack web applications with Angular
  • Developers passionate about new technologies that dominate Java
  • Developers passionate about new technologies with some base in Spring
  • People who are interested in learning Angular that dominate Java
  • People interested in front-end development that dominate Java

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